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History of Surgery

The most prominent history of surgery dates back to around 1500 BC when the Egyptians gained knowledge of anatomy from mummification.Their tools comprised of clamps, saw, forceps and scissors.They used Honey as an antiseptic.

Surgery evolved with mankind and a very significant headway was made around the year 1728 – 1735 AD when the first recorded operation to remove appendix took place. Today, in the 21st century the advancements in medical science have made the word surgery sound easy to both the patient and the doctor. But alike time, who leaves scars of past events in your memory, surgeries to leaves scars on your body which keeps on reminding you about going under the knife once.

Complications of Traditional Surgery:

Albeit there has been numerous technological advancements in Medical science(both in the pharmaceutical and surgical fields), the process of surgery being practised involves invasive methods. These methods has been found to cause several post-operative complications as well as surgical complexities to the patients. Some of the most noticeable complications are shock, hemorrhage, wound infection, deep vein thrombosis and the list goes on.

All these factors led to the birth of the idea for Scarless surgery that would highly focus on involving non-invasive methods to perform complex surgeries.

Benefits of Scarless Surgery

There are a lot of benefits of Scarless surgery over traditional surgical methods. Some of the benefits are that there will be no scars and recovery is fast, reduced surgical trauma and pain caused by surgery and reduction of MRSA and other hospital infections.

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