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Everything changes over time. But the changes that our body goes through are the ones that are visible. Especially with women, they undergo more physical changes than men.

Every mother reaches a point where she looks at her own body in the mirror and asks to herself, ‘is this really me?’. She does everything that changes her body right from giving birth to breastfeeding to staying up all night to take care of her crying baby and put it back to sleep. Without any doubt the position of motherhood requires a lot of patience and physical sacrifices.

Having gone through all these most mothers have the feeling that their body isn’t their own at all. Excess fat, stretch marks, loose skin on the abdomen and sagging breasts. Becoming a mother, as divine as it is its one huge life changing process. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with those changes forever.


What’s a mommy makeover ?

  • A woman’s body need to adapt to more physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth and it is something that cannot be fixed easily through diet and exercise alone. These changes occur mainly due to the stress that they have during the time of carrying the baby.
  • And every women want their bodies back in shape after their pregnancy.
  • This can be done by a procedure called mommy makeover. It is a series of cosmetic procedure that is done to address a woman’s post pregnancy problems.
  • This is a procedure that most women prefer to do these days. It covers every part of your body starting from your face.
  • It includes breast augmentations, liposuction, tummy tuck and so on. Since all these are done in one single procedure the recovery period might extend.
  • But if each of them is undergone individually, recovery doesn’t take much time.


Tummy tuck

This involves tightening the muscles in the abdomen through surgery and remove excess fat and fatty tissues to have a flat stomach.


Breast augmentation

Through breast augmentation you can improve the shape, size and position of your breasts and enhance the natural beauty and shape of your body.



This can be done to reduce the traces of fat on the abdomen, arms and thighs that cannot be achieved through diet. And this is mostly optional.


When to do a mommy makeover ?

As a mother you involuntarily put others needs before your own. So this is something that you can do for yourself.  To boost your confidence and self esteem by getting back in shape.

These are when you should consider doing a mommy makeover

  • When your body doesn’t respond to diet and exercise after pregnancy.
  • When you find your breasts to be out of shape and have changed size.
  • When after pregnancy you have trouble tightening your abs.
  • When you feel like putting back the clothes that you were using before pregnancy.
  • If you find stretch marks on your stomach.
  • If you want to get rid of all the excess fat and tissues on your stomach.


Things that you need to do before and after the procedure

Before the procedure

Stop smoking
  • This is one great reason that you can make use of to give up that nasty smoking habit. Smoking might cause problems before and after the procedure.
  • Many surgeons ask their patients to quit smoking two weeks before the surgery and a month after the surgery.
  • Because smoking affects the active blood flow during the surgery. The nicotine that is present in cigarettes can compress the blood vessels and it can affect blood supply during the procedure.
  • Nicotine can also make you vulnerable to blood clots. Tobacco can cause the skin to become dry, that can cause more scarring and the healing time might increase.
  • If you really want to make this procedure work then why risk it by having this habit around ?


Do your homework

This procedure is one huge step that you will be taking to change your body forever. So you need to invest some of your time to know about the procedure properly and mentally prepare yourself.

Consult with two or three certified plastic surgeons because its your body and your have all the right to choose what’s best for it.


Health optimization

During the procedure it is a must that you stay healthy so as to avoid complications and also for faster recovery. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals which can help you fight inflammation. Regular exercise and proper sleep can improve your immune system.


Prepare your home

After the surgery rest is a must for the first couple of days. So it will be a wise move to prepare your home prior the surgery.

Arrange for clean bed sheets and keep the outfits that you will be using after the surgery ready. Choose clothes that are easy to wear and remove and which are extremely comfortable. Get all the housework and errands done before the surgery so that all you can do after the surgery is take care of yourself and get enough rest. 


Stock up your essentials

Do a little grocery shopping before your surgery and get all your necessary items stocked up so as to make your recovery period easy.  Get easy to cook foods, mainly frozen. And things like baby wipes and sanitary pads.  Get a collection of your favourite books and DVDs too.


Fill your prescriptions

Ask your doctor to prescribe you the medicines that you need after your surgery before hand and keep them ready. It is just to make your recovery period as pain free and comfortable as possible.


After the procedure

Be easy with yourself

After a mommy makeover procedure you need to get as much rest as possible. Because you need to be in recovery mode for like 3 to 4 weeks.

This might sound very simple but for those women who have always kept themselves busy will find it difficult to stay at one place and do nothing.

But remember, getting up or moving around or starting to do any kind of work soon after your surgery might bring about complications. Giving your body some time to heal is very important.


Let others help you

Let your family members help you or its even a good idea to hire someone to assist you with the households, to cook or to take care of your children.

Let your kids make their own breakfast and so what if they make a little mess around the kitchen while preparing it ? for three to four weeks you will not be cleaning up after them.


Do not skip follow up appointments

The recovery period differs for each patient. So the follow up appointments are a must as only they can give your surgeon a clear idea about your body and its healing process.

It can help them keep track of your health and they may suggest you few more tips that can improve your recovery. So do not miss any of them.


Wear your compression garment

Your doctor might recommend you to wear a compression garment around your breasts and waist so that it can control post operative swelling and support your healing process.

Until your doctor says that it can be removed it is a must that you wear it.


A healthy diet

This includes eating nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, whole grains and foods that are rich in protein.

Also drink plenty of water and fluids like fresh juice as this can help in flushing the anesthesia out of your body. It can even minimize constipation and speed up the healing.


Be patient

Recovery from this major procedure can take time. Wait patiently until you see the end results. At the beginning you might see some side effects like swelling and bruising and you might not like the way you look.

But just trust the healing process and it will definitely be worth the wait.


Celebrate the new you!

At last the wait is over. When its all done and you are standing in front of the mirror looking at the new you, celebrate it. Admire your trim figure and your youthful body. Spend some time to enjoy the end results.

Go for a little shopping and get that tiny new bikini that you were longing to wear right after your pregnancy. Because you are going to look amazing on it.

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