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We all want to look good and feel good each and every day. Each and every part of our body plays a vital role in making ourselves feel better. This includes understanding our sexual abilities. As we all know, India is still a country where the sexual desires of a woman are not taken much into consideration or the talks related to them are still a taboo. Unlike men, women undergo a lot of physiological and biological changes in their life span and it is necessary to understand them time to time. By having a thorough knowledge about this, we can always be a better version of ourselves.

What’s Cosmetic Gynecology All About ?

Cosmetic gynecology is one of the evidences that show us the advancement of today’s medical world. This is the process of changing the appearance of female external genitalia to look and feel younger and more natural.

This is done to boost up the functioning of the vagina or for the appearance or even done for both. This comes as a solution to those women who feel disappointed with their vagina due to few natural processes like childbirth, ageing, weight loss or even menopause. And to those who are always unhappy about their unsatisfied sexual desires.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Most women come up with a common complaint that sex isn’t the same after a childbirth or due to ageing. This is known as vaginal relaxation where the vagina becomes lose and saggy where it loses its tightness. The other factors that influence vaginal loosening are:

  • Post Child Birth
  • Ageing
  • Post Menopause
  • Muscles weakness
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Medical Condition
  • Weight Loss

Due to this a very little sensation is felt during the intercourse. For most women this creates distress and they lose their self confidence as they feel more self cautious about their body and physical appearance.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that is done to improve the external appearance and also the functioning of the vulva and the vagina. As the name suggests, by vaginal rejuvenation the size of the internal and external diameter of the vagina is reduced and it enhances pleasure during the intercourse, improves urinary control and enhances muscle tone.

Why to Do Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are so many factors that we cannot stop from happening. One among them is ageing. With each passing day we all grow old and our body show few sings and symptoms towards our ageing. Especially women who have been through natural childbirth and those who tend to age by time observe significant changes in their genitals. Vaginal loosening is one such symptom that leaves most women depressed.

The size of the internal and external diameters of the vagina increases and the vaginal muscles becomes loose, weak and poor toned. By undergoing vaginal rejuvenation it is possible to regain a healthy vagina where the vaginal muscles are tight enough and you feel young as always.

Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are many types of surgical vaginal rejuvenation


This process is where the extra skin is removed and the vaginal muscles are brought together.


This involves reducing the inner non hair- bearing lips of the vagina so that they do not hang below.


This surgery is done when the hair- bearing outer folds of the vulva becomes too large or hangs down.


At times women suffer with a bulge of excess of skin on the upper part of the vulva. By this surgery the excess skin can be removed by direct removal of fat or liposuction.

Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation)

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a non surgical process involving lasers. Which means it doesn’t involve any cuts or bleeding. The treatment involves usage of lasers to make incisions for the process. Due to this there is less bleeding and it doesn’t need tissue clamping.

A normal delivery or ageing are the reasons for vaginal relaxation. This laser vaginal tightening tightens the vagina and you get improved results in your sexual satisfaction. Not only to enhance the sexual ability this treatment is also done for women who has the problem of urinary incontinence which is known as the inability to hold urine in the bladder or unintentionally urinating which coughing or sneezing.

Female Orgasm

Orgasm is a whole body experience which include muscle contractions in and around the vagina with faster heart rate and breathing, raise in blood pressure and other exciting factors that gives goosebumps which can be felt by the entire body including brain.


  • Improves your immune system
  • Regularizes your sleeping pattern
  • Keeps your hormones under control

Orgasm Enhancement

One of the common sexual complaints among women is the difficulty in getting an orgasm. This is a rare condition among men but many women have difficulty reaching orgasm. Female orgasm is variable. Some women reach orgasm with minimal stimulation whereas the other few need constant stimulation. This needs to be rectified as orgasm plays an important role in enhancing sexual satisfaction.

The O – Shot

The O- Shot or Orgasm shot is a simple non surgical procedure where the growth factors from a woman’s body is used to activate the vaginal and clitoral muscles to enhance the sexual response. It involves extracting few growth factors from the blood sample and directly injecting them in an area near the upper part of the vagina and also near clitoris. It rejuvenates the clitoris and vagina which increases the female orgasm.

The G – Shot

The G-Shot ( G- Spot amplification) is another non surgical procedure and a 10 minutes outpatient treatment that can stimulate the G- Spot for a short period of time in a sexually active woman. The process is to directly inject the collagen into a highly sensitive part of the vagina or the G- Spot itself. By doing this the friction increases in the G- Spot which enhances female orgasm achieved by vaginal stimulation.

Why Visit a Cosmetic Gynecologist

  • Putting your health at the first place and satisfying the needs of your own body will in turn help us feel good and confident at the same time.
  • Understanding about our sexual needs and abilities boosts the confidence level further more.
  • Visiting a cosmetic gynecologist for this treatment rejuvenates the vagina.
  • Your vaginal muscles gain back the tightness and like the way it was before your pregnancy.
  • You feel young and beautiful and this boosts your self confidence.
  • Getting your vagina back to its normal condition resolves all kinds of stress around your body
  • The size of the external and internal diameters of the vagina is reduced.
  • Due to this you feel more sensation during the intercourse. You confidently get to wear dresses that shows up your improved shape.
  • How wonderful it will be if you can gain back your youth and be energetic as always just with one treatment
  • The functioning and the external appearance of your vagina improves
  • Also benefits in having healthy and toned vaginal muscles.
  • Wearing dresses like bikini bottoms with much more confidence than before just to show your improved sleek shape.


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