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Want a Scar Free Tummy

Go for Scarless Surgery or Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery.

You may need surgery for a variety of reasons. It could be an inflamed Appendix, Gallbladder with stones; an ovarian cyst, Uterine Fibroid, Tubal Ligation (Family Planning), Uterus removal, etc, and surgeries are always scary for the pain, scar and recovery time.

Scarless Surgery or Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery is the most revolutionary technique through which you could have your surgery done with near to no scar at all. This technique is cosmetically preferable, particularly to younger female patients.


It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon operates almost exclusively through a single entry point, the umbilicus or belly button. This is very superior to the traditional laparoscopy where there are 4 to 5 keyholes. For Single Port Surgeries, Surgeons use specialized instruments which are inserted through a single cut made around the umbilicus (belly button).

Why Single Port Laparoscopy or Scarless Surgery?

Having surgery is always stressful. A major part of postoperative pain and complications arise from the wound created by the surgery. Smaller the wound, lesser the complications. It is a day care procedure with a high cosmetic score.
At the hands of an experienced surgeon, Single port laparoscopic technique gives you the advantage of

  • Near to no scar
  • Faster healing
  • Less Pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Early Return into a normal life
  • Less duration of hospital stay
  • Less discomfort

What all surgeries can be done through Single Port Laparoscopy?

  • Appendix removal (Appendectomy)
  • Gall bladder removal ( Cholecystectomy)
  • Ovarian cyst removal ( Cystectomy)
  • Family Planning (Tubal Sterilization )
  • Uterus removal (Hysterectomy)
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